Welcome Friends... =) I have decided to create a space dedicated to all things Cannabis and promote the amazing benefits of this natural, safe and effective medication for MOMS! I hope you will join me on this journey as it unfolds. I am excited to get the word out that Cannabis HEALS!
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I love the idea of combining the two ;)


HAPPY 4/20 everyone!!! Yes I know it’s late but…I’m a stoner…so this is when I can get to it…LOL! I just thought that it has been a long time since I have been on here and this being our Important Holiday and all…I should be here! =)

I wanted to share a couple of quick recipes that are simple and easy to make with a little CANNA PB Budder ;)

I make this because it’s fast, yummy, easy and versatile.

It just takes three simple ingredients:

  • Peanut butter (I like the Laura Scudder’s Unsalted Peanut Butter…it just has a really nice PB taste without sugar because you will be adding sugar to the recipe)
  • Powdered sugar 
  • Cannabutter

I just mix around Peanut Butter with as much cannabutter that I have and powdered sugar until I have the right consistency.

*Something to think about when making this recipe…the more Peanut butter you add to your cannabutter the more it “thins the butter out and dilutes the potency…” The idea behind this method is to make a good tasting butter to put onto things…so if you put tooo much PB in the recipe you will have to compensate with a ton of sugar and then you will have to eat a LOAD of this stuff for it to have an effect. So #MOLARITY! LOL! Keep that in mind when mixing it up.

Some of you want exact measurements…sorry…just gonna have to “make it up…stoner style…” and play around until you find the right “DOSAGE” FOR YOU.

Other ways to enjoy this PB Fluff:

  • Put it on Waffles
  • It’s make up is of a frosting consistancy so why not frost a cake or cupcakes?
  • Add it to a Smoothie with bananas
  • Add it to a Milkshake
  • Add to your bowl of ice cream with a little milk (*pictured above…yum)
  • Put it on Toast
  • PB and Jelly Sandwich
  • Use this to substitute for butter in a brownie or cookie mix
  • Put it on a spoon and just eat

I actually have scooped it out with disposable spoons and then wrapped with saran wrap and put it in the fridge…it hardens a bit and they are awesome to pop in you bag for the park or wherever!

Enjoy! Hope you are having a great 420…I know I am!!!

Peace and LOVE!


Wow…who likes pot?! :)

Made some very interesting Christmas Peppermint candy cookies..

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello.. I'm sorry if you've answered this before, but what is it like in a dispensary? I've been thinking about getting my medical marijuana card and I just want to know what it's like your first time in one. Do you go in knowing what kind you should get? Are people who work there generally friendly?
ocpotmama ocpotmama Said:

First and foremost…thanks for stopping by and having a question for me. The smartest and happiest thing I got for Christmas a couple of years ago was my Medical Marijuana card. Every year I am happy to spend the money for that on myself. It allows me to easily get my medication.

I remember the first time I went to the dispensary, I was scared because I really only knew that when I smoked marijuana I felt better. I didn’t really have any idea what kind I liked or that there were so many different kinds. I went in and just told them it was my first time. Most budtenders are stoners too who just want to help you find your bud. I would explain why you need marijuana if it is for a certain medical reason like anxiety or pain relief. I would also tell them what you want in your smoke… relaxing and chill or more uplifted and motivating. Indica Strains tend to effect the body more physically ie ”couchlock”…as Sativa strains are known to be more of a cerebral and mind buzz. I would suggest buying an 1/8 of an ounce and get half of an Indica (try at night) strain and then choose a nice Sativa (to try during the day). 

I would not become only a Sativa or only an Indica Smoker because there are some great Hybrids to try too! 

Sidenote… I would google medical uses and marijuana strains if you are looking for a particular type ie…OCD: Strawberry Cough or downloading a couple of the different weed apps on the market to find our more about strains… knowledge is POWER!!!! good luck!!! 

ps. edibles are a great option too… try some out… =)

pss and what is it like in a dispensary….????

I have realized that it is a different experience and vibe in each dispensary, just like any business I guess. Some are run very much like a corporate business and some are in a one room building. Some have security guards and some just have a door that they buzz you in. Some you must be buzzed in. Some you can just walk in, Then buzzed into the back room to select your herb. Some have just marijuana and a couple of edibles. Other dispensaries have branched out and have glassware, papers, lighters, cannabis, ice cream, popcorn, cannabutter, lollipops, coffee, tea, chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, snickerdoodles, spacecakes, rice crispy squares, sodas, ice creams, mint patties and don’t forget, lotions, oils, soaps and Hash too! Yah…..IT’S AWESOME.

Strain: White Widow
Hybrid: Sativa Dominant
Looks: Nice green color with light brown trichromes throughout and white “frosty” crystals on the buds, nice fluffy nuggets easy to break up on the fly.
Smells: Very rich sweet aromatic smell, hints of spicy citrus.
Tastes: Not a strong flavor but an easy smoke.
Buzz like: Mind feels ready to get things done. At 11:16am I am in mid project… making my cannabutter!!! So far very happy and depression is not there. I can think strait. Going back to cooking… I will report back in a bit. 12:15pm Finished the cannabutter… cleaned the kitchen, washed the dishes now onto the rest of my chores…but I am happily cleaning. Gatta keep going! 
Buzz length: Started at 10:50am, 12:15pm Still feeling great! A great Day-time smoke. Very motivational. Left at 1:15pm to run errands… slowly came down…no crash. 2-2.5 hours Long.
Overall: I enjoyed this bud! White Widow didn’t disappoint! I felt more of a cerebral buzz rather than body, but for all of the things I accomplished…it was just the right catalyst to get it all going!

Good for: Day-to-day tasks, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Socialization, Pain relief, Arthritis, Migraines, Nausea, Anorexia and Diabetes.

Strain : Stonehenge
Hybrid: Sativa Dominant

[If I could rename =) Stonehedge it could be nicknamed “7th Wonder” “wow”  7wow rieviewed at 10:00pm 11/30/11
One of the 7th wonders of the world!]

Looks: Earthy green buds loaded with brown trichromes and leaves covered in small crystals

Smells: Of a sweet flower bouquet - Imagine that at your wedding! LOL

Tastes: Slightly spicy but very smooth… and enjoyable.  The spice taste is so reminiscent of Christmas… I would suggest this as a great “holiday smoke” with hints of cinnamon to be paired with a hot delicious apple pie! =) 

Buzz like: As I smoke.. I want to start to work on things… I have to say in a minute…I continue to smoke… so maybe might not need to smoke as much? I continue to smoke more… =) what stoner wouldn’t… I feel like the same amount should be smoked each time to keep the results accurate and true.

Sidenote: (Medical note) I have an closed up ear on my left side… when I smoke and my one ear is plugged I can’t taste… but if I hold open my ear and smoke I CANnabis TASTE IT. Weird huh…
Any medical reactions: (ie runny nose, sinus’ cleared etc anything happen physically that you can tell that has been corrected by the marijuana?) My nose cleared up. I feel clearer. My fingers are tapping faster and are much more accurate. LOL as I thought of that and then wrote it I had a million typos..Ok not accurate but they are damn fast! I like!

Buzz Length: 2.5 - 3.0 Long

Overall: I really enjoyed this strain…My mind was racing with fantastic ideas! It will be one of my go to strains!  I felt like I could think, laugh, smile, work and be happy. That for me is a perfect anti-depression bud. It’s safe and natural and it works….

Good For: Writing, Thinking, Day-time, Night-time, with Green Eggs and Ham! LOL, Socialization, Anxiety, Depression, Anorexia, Being happy, Inflammation, Pain relief, Nausea, Glaucoma and Migraines.

Strain : Afgoo

Looks: Dark green nuggets with a light dusting of crystals and trichromes covering the bud

Smells: Fruit and flowers with a hint of Pine…

Tastes: The taste is oaky with pine and a really nice earthy green taste… When I close my eyes, I am walking in a BRIGHTLY LIT forest…and it’s lovely…and smells great…I think sometimes buds can bring you to the spot where they were planted… I could paint this picture that I see…

Buzz like: I feel it in both my body and my head… euphoric, like I’m buzzing ready to go! My face and ears feel warmer… and I’m hoping that’s a good thing because I’m coming out of a bad ear infection. Heal my ear lovely herb.

Buzz Length: 1.5- 2.0 Medium

Overall: My appetite did increase which was wonderful as I have been having a low desire for food. A little dry mouth. I felt no pain, relaxed and calm.

Good For: Relaxing, enjoying family time, watching a movie with a friend… good for mind, body and soul! Medical uses are for Pain relief, Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress and Migraines.

Made a little butter ;)

Hey there… I feel like such a newbie! I finally have my wish come true, to have a chance to play around with recipes and try to come up with a great product but I am overwhelmed by the realization…I really don’t know anything!!!! LOL!

I set up this space to find Support, offer my real life story as a Testimony to Cannabis’ healing properties and medicinal value and talk about using Medical Marijuana in place of western medicines used for Anxiety and Depression. I wanted to find connections with other moms out there like me. I guess what I realized is that it’s not just MOMS…its everyone. It’s Dads, Parents, Family members, Grandmothers, Best friends and there is an online community of supporters from places all over the world.  We are not alone. 

Something I think would help parents or people who have to take their medicine but don’t have time to smoke, or have the ability to smoke or for so many other reasons! is a regulated dosage system of edibles that is made with quality products, spot on concentration you can depend on and that is easy to take. And of course Strain Specific would be nice. No muss no fuss! =)

That is what I plan on trying to create. I really do believe in Cannabis. Consistency is the key. I find that stigma and situations of not having time keep me from being able to regularly take my MMJ to keep me level. So if I could solve this for myself…I think it could help others. If you have an idea or a great recipe that you know of please share. Thanks for reading…ttys!

My goal is to learn more today about cooking with marijuana and have some idea or direction of where I want to go from here! =)

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

Wow! What a powerful Picture! Being a PotMama has helped me increase my awareness over my words with my kids. This is a huge part of my life that I want to focus on to make right them. I grew up in a household where kids were a bothersome. Sarcasm, mean nasty words and negative thoughts were given out daily…It is something that I recognize I have the potential for, but also something that with Awareness I won’t let happen. No medicine in the world stops you from being angry or spewing negativity…You must see how it manifest, You must acknowledge that you have power over emotions, take responsibility and remember to Breathe! =) LOVE YOURSELF for being human =) and keep going! You will get there if you have a path! 

What do you guys think? =)
I have so many moments where I wish I could pass out my card, like at my dispensary or with people who want more information. Finally getting to it…this is just the beginning stages…but I like it so far =)
What hashtags would you include if you wanted to reach the mmj community?

What do you guys think? =)

I have so many moments where I wish I could pass out my card, like at my dispensary or with people who want more information. Finally getting to it…this is just the beginning stages…but I like it so far =)

What hashtags would you include if you wanted to reach the mmj community?



Sitting alone in my quiet garage, only the sounds of crickets and my keyboard tapping away. A jet flies over every five minutes and there went another. I think about what I want to write and honestly I have no idea! So when does inspiration start? When does the light go on in an instant and take you down a crazy twisty ride to epiphanies and ideas that you never had before. It’s definitely more exciting to think and create than to watch TV, I think. And since this blog is about getting the word out there about the truth about Marijuana…let me share a little about myself. I’m 33 and a stay-at-home Mom who is married to the sexiest, most intelligent man! I have 3 amazing kids who blow my mind everyday with their brilliance and when they sleep I get to follow my passions, dancing in my kitchen! yes… playing the guitar and writing. I would love to write a book someday that helps people become familiar with Marijuana. I am a medical Marijuana patient in the state of California for 1 year going on two. I did try it before I got a card so I have been using Cannabis to heal for two + years now. I have noticed that since I started medicating with Cannabis these last two years, I have completely stopped watching TV when I’m by myself. It just never enters my mind to sit down and watch something. For me it is a far more exciting and enriching world out on the internet. A spark of genius, if you will that started only in 2006, Twitter was a way for an office to be in better communication with each other… now its gone GLOBAL! It has become an instrumental vessel for Change! because we are able to speak our truth. And WE ALL HAVE TRUTHS…The Freedom of Speech will be tested with this new behemoth communication tool! But Bring It! We are of one voice —- the People! I plan to use Twitter and Tumblr to spread my message. It is and should be our right to grow a plant and use it to heal safe and naturally. It has healed my physical body by helping me effortlessly lose 60 lbs and be in the best shape I have ever been in! I also gave up a serious 10 year, case a day Diet Coke addiction, that I know is dangerous for your brain and many, many, many Americans are addicted to. I feel like since getting off of the Diet Coke I feel so much healthier and I actually want and love to drink water. So strange!

So here is the beginning of my story. I hope it helps someone out there. Like I said above, initially I went on Marijuana not as a patient. I was desperate to feel better, to feel again. Walking around numb to it all. Numb to your kids. Numb to your Husband that you love so much but just can’t show it and you don’t know why you feel so bad and hurt and angry. I had been on Zoloft for three years through my last pregnancy and while breast feeding yikes! But my Doctor said pros outweighed the cons and that it was safe…so I believed him. After being on it for awhile my sex drive was at zero. So I went to my new doctor which got me to take Wellbutrin along with Zoloft to counteract with the side effects….after doing this for a year and not feeling better and still being depressed and filled with anxiety, she put me on Prozac and Xanax on top of the other two. And I took it! That is the crazy thing. Despite all of the crazy scary warnings on EACH of these pills I took them all stacked on top of each other. And I was going to be okay? This? This is the cocktail that American Mothers must take to “function” and  to be “okay” with their lives? They have to risk that much, and on top of that most women are taking some form of birth control on top of that medicine so that too becomes another drug you throw into the mix. And our poor husbands trying to bend over backwards and keep it all together. Trying to help you find out why you still aren’t feeling good. I mean these drugs say that they make you feel better, that they take away depression and anxiety…that you can go back to enjoying your life but I felt the experience was opposite to the taglines in the commercials. So one by one… I weeded them out… first the Xanax…it made me zonk but I just felt horrible the next 2 days. Then the Zoloft. Then the Wellbutrin. And the finally the Pièce de résistance: Prozac. Remember you must taper off these extremely hard drugs. Quiting cold turkey will make you really sick perhaps…so if you are thinking about getting off of them one by one taper off slowly. But I was really depressed and having panic attacks, and my husband was trying to help me with the kids as best he could but his demands at work took him away long hours. Then one night he told me about a conversation he had about Marijuana helping with my kind of issues. Now my extent of experience with Marijuana at that time in my life was I had tried it a couple of times in high school and there was a time in my life in my early twenties that the boyfriend I had at the time started smoking marijuana, so I did too and we were huge drinkers at the time and during those few months we quit drinking completely without even realizing it. But after a few months the relationship was over, so I stopped smoking Marijuana. So it had been 10 years since I had tried Marijuana. I remember thinking, “Can I do this? I was a mom of three amazing kids…what would everyone think?” Now smoking for two years looking back of course I reacted that way, I was filled with anxiety over what people thought, If they were proud of me, and that was what caused my deep depression. I am cured from that depression now because I was able to understand it on a more deeper level. Now everyone in my life that is important knows about my choice to medicate with Marijuana. I didn’t say they all support this…but I have “come out to everyone” whatever that means LOL. Some of what I was most afraid of was what would my Mother think… etc and after I explained the who what wheres whys and hows… I didn’t care what she thought… I was convinced that I made the right decision!

That is another myth that some people who have never experienced Cannabis. They say that it has no spiritual influence, which I and most Stoners would strongly disagree…why do you think we all walk around saying Peace! and promote LOVE every chance we get? Because we have tried Cannabis and have been awoken! This is what one non-believer said to me, “Cannabis just affects the brain chemicals. It doesn’t actually teach you anything. Your understanding of God doesn’t rely on any kind of medication…” I said in response to that, “Until you try it I think you can’t speak on behalf”. And that was that! Medication makes sense to us in our world of labeling but what it really is and should be called is a plant, a flower, a weed, an amazing herb, and don’t even get me started on what Hemp can do for our world and the people living in it =)

I’m reminded of a passage in the bible that gives me hope…

The River and Tree of life story…Written in Revelations about the End Times…With the Angel showing John the New Jerusalem that will be like Heaven on Earth… 

Rev 22:2: It flowed down the center of the main street. On each side of the river grew a tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, with a fresh crop each month. The leaves were used for medicine to heal the nations.

So its bountiful and in abundance, different strains? =) and the leaves will be used as medicine to heal THE NATIONS…. WOW what a powerful plant…sounds like Cannabis to me. 

It has been deliberately kept from us. Right? So many reasons why… all connected to power, control, greed and just plain EVIL

Well those crops do sound like Heaven on Earth so…sign me up. It helps physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually… if you have any questions…please don’t be afraid to ask… that’s my job…I’m OCPotMama! Hi!

Writings in my Journal to myself…conversation with God =)
July 17th, 2010

Me: Can I write about the stages of enlightenment?
My Brain:That seems like a huge undertakingand it is something you don’t know anything about, professionally or really personally.
Me: Who is talking here? Me or God or my Ego! How do I know? God would not say anything that would put doubt in your heart, that would be counterproductive! So it is not God talking… and Me? is me Me? or is Me my Ego… because You are either with God or you are not…so if that voice is not God then it is Ego…trying to keep you down. 
G: Would I say that sounds like a huge undertaking? and then would I say you know nothing about it! when obviously if you are here talking to me and writing your thoughts down as you think them then you are in one of the stages of enlightenment, so therefore, Logically I am God, talking through you, creating with you as a vehicle or vessel to spread light and love around the world. That is what humans were made for, This aspect of controlling through fear, shame, guilt etc…these aspects of Humanity was not ideal.
Me: So if you are God, and you know everything, then Logically you would have known Earth would be in this type of disarray, this off balance, this is a greedy world but you still went through with the project? You must know the ending…and you must have outweighed the good with the bad and decided this was the best way to get to where we needed to be? Or that the lesson was best learned this way? or it really is like this spiritual battle and the Good will rise above! and I am not one of those persons who thinks you need to have felt the bad to know how good good feels. That is false! I mean a new baby sees a flower and smiles because it made her happy… she didn’t need to be stung by 500 wasps to know that some nature experiences are good and some are horrid! Life was meant to feel good on all levels*!
I was putting the kids to bed tonight…. I thought everyone was almost there…then my daughter starts to really cry. Now, I don’t see real tears from her often…so this was strange. She just said, “I don’t want you to die…” Sobbing into my chest, clutching my neck tightly. I said, “What? It’s not true! I am going to live a long life!” as I sat there and try to explain why she should not worry…I too started to feel a little nervous…Oh my Gosh… why is she saying this? I told her I was young still, but in the back of my mind I knew that age didn’t matter one bit! Anything could happen! Life is not guaranteed. We are not promised that we will be able to see our children grow up. We really should be more aware that all we have is NOW.

One of the most basic parts of enlightenment is to realize and understand time.Time as it exist —- how it speeds uphow it slows downPast is the past, can’t change it! Past—>over. Present—>game on…which is funny that I used a video game reference because in actuallity what I am saying is that the past is the part where the ghost in Pac Man eats you…and you die and its game over… That is how you played the game. Its over…can’t get anymore chances to replay that exact game again. That is the past…it happened. I played that game, but I lost —->the game was over…cant change any of the moves even if I wanted to. So I won’t waste my TIME and energy (linked to speeding up time) on things I can’t change…all you can do is ACKNOWLEDGE that that was how that game was played but you can always make notes from the past, make new moves in the now and this is called ACTIVE CHANGE, LEARNING, enlightenment to stay alive aware and learning to advance to the next level. The present is….game on… because its about choices. We are able to make choices that either help or hurt our vision that we want for ourselves. It seems easy enough but this right here is why we all suffer! We are lacking in skills in self-examination, relationships, accountability, self confidence, self worth, self esteem, self respect! When we as humans are lacking in these very important key players in excellent choice making skills then you will have people perpetuating pain, sadness and hurt etc… among their self, family, and others for the mere fact that we have been kept asleep to the truth. But now is the time for all of us to claim our power to cocreate with God a life of love, comfort, security and abundance! This is the age of the awakening. We can only be peace with peace. And it must start with finding peace within yourself…much harder to do than it seems! 
There are different aspects to Life or Enlightenment ;) (We are already enlightened we just are never satisfied… which drives us to more enlightenment which is still never enough. I wonder if we win the game and it ends if we realize to be happy with where we are right Now and how we live life right now because right now is the best you have ever been, and if you think you are not…u are wrong. If you use to be in a great position but right now you are just having a hard time…no, this is how enlightened you are) most of us are experiencing life the way we are because of the knowledge that we have and HOW WE THINK. The more you know. The more information you have to work with. With more information to work with, you can make better decisions. With your better decisions comes better results ==> now you are tuned into the universe and with increase of knowledge comes more responsiblity. Now, what are you going to do with this knowledge? 
Think about it?Doubt it?Laugh at it?Rip it apart?Ridicule it?Ridicule you for thinking it?Try to listen?Try to understand?Try to forgive?Try to have compassion and empathy? For other and self?BE more open?Stand up for yourself??Define boundaries in your relationships to protect you instead of harm you?Holding yourself accountable for your actions?
In reality…when people start to hold themselves accountable for their actions, words and thoughts….then they understand the magnitute of their vast abilities to harm or heal. They understand how manipulation is a selfish way to get others to do what you want, it works, but it is unloving and damaging to the person you are manipulating but also you are cheating yourself of rich real relationships. People will know this about your character and hopefully be able to love you enough to put boundaries around their own heart from you. Ouch but true…if you are aware…you can accept this without having to deal with your ego…if you are just learning this stuff for the first time… you would never want people to put boundaries around their heart from you…how dare you!!!!..if you felt this reaction you need to read about the EGO* LOL!
A lot of us set ourselves up to feel sorry for ourselves, we play the victim. Break free from that self-imposed life squasher! =)
From my Nana’s wall hanging that I got from her house. It has always been hanging in her guest bedroom of her house.

Verbs To Live By
Believe    GiveBuildDiscoverCarePracticeOvercomePray NourishListenCheerReadContributeAssureExcellLaughShareOpenRespectSeeForgiveMeditateLeadGrowRenewExploreSmileWorship FollowLOVE (IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PICTURE IN CAPS)AppreciateHealThankPrepareSowTrustBecomeSaveFocusCreateSolveUnderstandDreamSearchCoachSimplifyWonderFindEndureUnifyWorkSeekKnowSupportHopeComfortHearLearnBalance

Cannabinoids and possibly other healing components of the plant are absorbed directly through the skin; the anti-inflammatory properties are outstanding, reducing recovery time from injuries and promoting healing of lesions.  Topical cannabis has also been used by my lupus patients and rheumatoid arthritis patients to increase the function of joints and decrease nodule formation. – Frank Lucido, MD

We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history.